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Where to Get the Best Glass Stone Jewelry

25 June 2014 - 10:39 PM

These glass stones offer new ways to incorporate different materials into beautiful jewelry pieces. Glass stone jewelry now has become readily available at many boutique stores and it makes the people outstanding from the crowds easily. But who will be the best jewelry wholesaler to work with? Where to get the best glass stone jewelry? Viennois-online would be your first choice with endless possibilities there…

1. We have exclusive glass stone jewelry designs

We have own professional jewelry designer teams, so we can design for you any of a unique product. We can give it into a unique brand of style, interpretation of the modern women’s colorful and beautiful life. Yes, being exclusive should be one of the most important aspects for all the wholesalers and retailers to consider, as it is a great way to set you apart from your competitors and stay competitive in the glass stone jewelry market.

2. We have high quality glass stone jewelry

Viennois-online has collected the most innovative and better wholesale glass stone jewelry collection here. With more than 18 years of experience in the fashion jewelries and accessories industry in China, we can make sure the high quality of the glass jewelry and all the glass stone jewelries provided have made all our customers satisfied all the time. Their unique luster makes them perfect alternatives for the Swarovski crystal jewelry.

3. We have the factory wholesale price guaranteed

All the glass stone jewelries are from our factories directly, which can provide you with the lowest factory wholesale prices. Matured production line can also make you get the jewelry wholesale in the shortest time and there is no participation of the middle man between the processes. We ship to you from our factory directly, which can save you a lot of time. You can get the free shipping on the total orders of over $800 and there is upmost 18% discount policy to big wholesalers to make sure our buyer’s biggest benefits.

4. We can make your glass stone jewelry wholesale safe and secure

Glass stone jewelry is delicate, but it is easy to wear and tear and loses the luster if packed in an improper way. Luckily, we can guarantee not only the safe shopping but also the shipping. We have 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy and 3-day no-risk return policy. Besides, we also have QC checks and secure packaging guaranteed as well as the secure payment guaranteed, which in this way, is there no need to worry about any problems caused here.

5. We can give the most professional glass stone jewelry buying guides

As China’s NO.1 jewelry supplier and the renowned enterprise in the fashion jewelry industry, Viennois-online is also a terrific place to get the most professional guides on glass stone jewelry. We have experienced vogue editors and fashion buyers in the jewelry fields, so that you can always get the latest information about the fashion jewelry industry and to catch the trendiest glass stone jewelry will become easier. Follow our blog to get more information: viennois-online.com/blog
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Does Gold Plated Jewelry Fade

20 June 2014 - 02:47 AM

Gold plated jewelry, generally speaking, will fade. In fashion jewelry industry, fading of gold plated jewelry is not the measure to judge whether the jewelry is high in quality. Gold plated jewelry fading is common, so fading is not a problem of quality.


In fashion jewelry industry, gold plated jewelry belongs to high quality jewelry, so choosing high quality gold plated jewelry is important. Now that gold plated jewelry will fade, how we choose high quality gold plated jewelry? In fact, so called high quality gold plated jewelry mans that gold plated jewelry can keep its color and shinning for a longer time.


Many people thought that gold plated jewelry should be at the same with real gold jewelry. No matter how long the looking is as good as when it is new. Actually, no matter how high the quality of gold plated jewelry, it will fade. It is different from gold jewelry.


For wholesalers and retailers, they need to pay much attention to the details of gold plated jewelry because the details show the quality of gold plated jewelry. Delicate details means that the gold plated jewelry had been made by high technology, and at the same time, the color of gold plated jewelry can be kept for a longer time period.

When choose gold plated jewelry, wholesalers and retailers need to have a careful checking for details so that to judge the real quality and keeping time of gold plated jewelry. Wholesalers and retailers are responsible for the quality insurance for their customers. Careful checking and reliable jewelry supplier are good reasons to catch customers and improve better business.


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